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KUD "Mladost" Pale  
President: Milos Jovanovic
Assembly Chairperson: Mirko Kosoric
Secretary: Sanja Loncar-Kapuran
Artistic Director: Mladen Krsman
Orchestra Leader: Luka Mirkovic

Cultural Artistic Association "Mladost" ("Youth")  established in 1953. in Pale, the municipality of the city of Sarajevo, the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nowaday it gathers more than 250 members and it is divided in few sections: folklore, choir, flute, guzzle, national orchestra, and traditional troupes.

The goal of the Association is to uphold authentic folklore tradition and culture through dances, songs, and folk costumes.

It's role in the cultural life of Sarajevsko-romanijska region BiH and larger area is very important.

They are also taking part in various cultural occasions (Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania, Greece, Turkey…)

In 1987. at  the festival of folklore in Algeria, in the competition of 67 countries "Mladost" shared  the first place with Indonesia. In oktober 2005.

"Mladost" performed at the ceremony of the opening of  the BH  Embassy in Prague.

Cultural Club "Mladost"  successfully organised:
8. European Festival of Serbian Folklore, Pale 2003.
13. European Festival of Serbian Folklore, Pale 2008.
Those  festivals numbered more than 3000 members.

Pale is  university, tourist, cultural  and sports centre region. The Olympic mountains of  Jahorina and Trebevic, legendary Romanija, Orlovaca cave which is an extraordinary speleological site, ecologically spotless vocation area as well as cultural  and  historical attractions present an excelent and diverse offer for tourism.

Modern tourist objects offer a completly pleasure to their guests. Jahorina is 12 km far from the town of  Pale.

The skiers on Jahorina have more than 25 km of nicely kept pists for Alpine skiing, which are connected with ski – lifts.



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